Vector Chthulhu


Status: Released
Roles: Programmer, Designer, Artist
Music By: Ryan Ike
Programs Used: Unity + Visual Studio, Pyxel Edit
Platform: Mobile

Once, while hanging out with my besties Ryan and Alicia, I was having a conversation with Ryan and misheard something he said. I don’t know why, but I could have sworn he said “Vector Cthulhu”. He didn’t. But the phrase stuck in my head and we talked for a while about making a game out of it.

His birthday was yesterday, and at about 3pm, I decided I was going to make a little Vector Cthulhu game for him in time for his birthday party at 7. I had a couple errands I had to run and still had to get ready (it was a fancy party) which left me with right around two hours to complete the game. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The version I showed him at his party was fully functional, but it was using a stolen Cthulhu from the internet, and there were a couple more little things I wanted to add. I still wanted it to be micro-jammy, so I game myself another 2 hours today to finish it. Most of it was spent making a Cthulhu cause I don't remember how to art anymore. Anyway, below you'll find links to the finished product on android =]

[ Link to Goole Play Store ]